Jazz (Monday 6-7PM) is taught by Kerry Jackson who wants you to get back to the technique, isolating steps, and the jazzy powerhouse days. This class will have an exciting set base warm up. Fun playlist that we all love oh so well. Finishing with the fulfilling combo!

Jazz Funk (Tuesday 6-7:30PM) is a combination of classic, codified jazz elements mixed with hiphop and other current dance styles and trends. This class is full of life, very rhythmic, full out, sharp, and fun! Come take it with new company member, DaMond!

Cheer Prep Class (Wedneday 7:30-9PM) is designed towards helping you learn the skills to make it on any professional dance team! 
Classes will rotate in Jazz dance, Hip Hop, Heels including with tips and skills working  across to floor, freestyle, and dance/cheer choreography .
This class will help you push to the next level! Learn what to expect and prepare for your next tryout!  

Broadway Jazz/ Tap Class (Wednesday 6-7PM Jazz; 7-8PM Tap) is a fun and exciting way to learn various styles from Broadway musicals, all while expressing your own personality! Come learn iconic combinations from famous broadway musicals, and challenge yourself in the numerous styles and techniques that musical theatre has to offer. All levels encouraged and no previous experience needed!

Contemporary Class ( Wednesday 6-7:30PM)  will focus on finding variances in quality of movement, as well as fundamentals such as shifting weight and isolations of the different parts of the body while having a strong focus on strengthening musicality. Starting with a structured warmup, you will find mobility in the torso, spine, and eventually the upper and lower extremities. The class will then move through phrases across the floor as well as longer combinations in the center using the previously mentioned ideas.