METdance Educational  and Community Outreach aims to excite, inspire, and expose the art of dance to as many spectators as possible. Our Educational outreach program, anchored by the company's "Swing, Jive and Pop into Dance!" interactive performance, engages over 7,000 students from  K-12 for a minimum of 15-20 schools each season through free performances at the Miller Outdoor Theatre and in-school lecture demonstrations. In 2016, METdance has partnered with Young Audiences of Houston to expand its outreach with 2 in-school residencies. The professional company also conducts master classes, workshops and residencies in private studio, high school and university settings, both local and nationwide. The dancers serve as teachers, mentors, choreographer and most importantly ambassadors for the company. METdance is also a part of the Arts Access Initiative.

"Swing, Jive, and Pop into Dance!" : Grade Level: PK-8

"Swing, Jive, and Pop into Dance!" incorporates history, fashion, music and the arts into an interactive blast of excitement. Students, teachers, and audience members have the opportunity to interact with the performers and participate in an energy filled hour of dance while learning fun facts about American history and culture. The company dances through the eras of the 1930s Lindy Hop, bops into the 1950s, grooves into the 1970s, and culminates with the Hip-Hop music and movement of today. The performance provides key points in dance, music, and pop culture from each decade.

DANCEfocus:  Grade Level: K-12

DANCEfocus provides in-depth exposure to a specific genre of dance including creative movement, ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, and social dance forms. Additionally, vernacular dances from American culture can also be studied as an extension of our performance Swing, Jive, and Pop into Dance! The workshop/residency can be designed to coordinate with any curriculum and can be geared to any skill/experience level. Students will receive historical information relating to the chosen genre of dance in addition to exposure to movement technique and phrase development.

"Congratulations on the quality of the show and the rapid evolution of METdance into an outstanding resource for dance education and powerfully creative dance company".- Audience Member

"We LOVED having you!   So many of the teachers, staff, Principal, Assistant Principal, (I could go on and on) have stopped me to tell me how incredible your program was and how much they enjoyed it.  They are begging the PTO to bring you back again next year.    I cannot remember another program that  has held the students' attention so well and left such a positive impression on every single group at our school.  Your program was educational, entertaining, engaging, interactive, and just plain FUN!   You have such an amazing group of talent!  We can't wait to have you back again."- PTO Mom

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