ave you ever been at a party or club and wanted to get up and dance but couldn't because you had on High Heels and it limited what you can do??
Well the wait is over..... its time to PUMP IT UP! with Kerry Jackson! 
In this 6 week workshop you will learn how to be sexy, walk with a vengeance, pose like no other, while of course getting a great workout! Don't worry about the level there's a speed for everyone. It will be taught by company member Kerry Jackson and he will have you working them heels in no time!

6 Week Workshop Starting April 6th, 2017- May 12th, 2017
 From 7:30-8:30PM at METdance- Limited Space
 Register online NOW and SAVE!

 $100 for 6 weeks
Drop ins are welcome pending space!

High Heel Workshop with Kerry Jackson!
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