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For over 20 years, Houston Met Dance has excited, inspired, and educated students and audiences through its community outreach. Our educational programming is conducted by Houston Met Dance artists and staff and provides engaging opportunities for students to experience and interact with the art of dance! See below how you can join us for the 2019-2020 year! 


DANCEfocus allows up close and personal dance experiences for students. This program provides in-depth exposure to specific genres of dance including creative movement, ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, modern, and social dance forms. Students visit the Houston Met Dance studio and participate in Master Dance Classes taught by Houston Met Dance faculty. 


Houston Met Dance Residencies are a 6 week in-school program that gives students the personal connection to American History. Each session will cover an era from the 1920’s through present time, history of that particular era, technology, music, and dance. The students will experience the music and dance of the eras. The Residency culminates at the school with the students who participated in the residency performing.

"Congratulations on the quality of the show and the rapid evolution of METdance into an outstanding resource for dance education and powerfully creative dance company".- Audience Member

"We LOVED having you!   So many of the teachers, staff, Principal, Assistant Principal, (I could go on and on) have stopped me to tell me how incredible your program was and how much they enjoyed it.  They are begging the PTO to bring you back again next year.    I cannot remember another program that  has held the students' attention so well and left such a positive impression on every single group at our school.  Your program was educational, entertaining, engaging, interactive, and just plain FUN!   You have such an amazing group of talent!  We can't wait to have you back again."- PTO Mom


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