Acoustical Panels

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JD9C7537_10x4 DonatedBy Full.jpg

Acoustical Panels


Acoustical Panels are needed in Studio C and the Cooper Studio to help with sound reverberation. All donationas are Tax Deductible.

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Acoustical Panels are desperately needed inStudio C, and the Cooper Studio to help with sound reverberation. You may not know it, but the "artwork" panels you may have seen in Studio B are acoustical panels that are meant to absorb the sound in that room.  Behind the pretty fabric print is actually an acoustic fiberglass panel that absorbs sound, and has limited the overall reverb time in that room significantly (over 4 times better than the other studios without them).  We would like to do this same artistic acoustical treatment in the other studios as well, but we need your financial support to make this happen.

When you purchase a panel, you will receive name recognition on the artwork itself in the lower left corner that will be printed directly on the fabric (see example below).

But most importantly, you will be given the choice of which image you would like! 


We need 10 images/panels total between the two studios. We have preselected 10 images that would work with the design style of the panels, and you will have the opportunity to select one of these images.  Please note that the images will go through a transformation during the graphic design process (see example below).  

Act now to immortalize one of your favorite METdance images...maybe it's one of your friends or family!  We need to make this acoustical addition as soon as possible to allow teachers and students to be able to hear the music and speech more clearly, and at lower volume in those studios.  Won't you help the MET and buy one now?