Become a "friend" of METdance!

Here's your chance to help sponsor and support the contemporary spectrum of dance in the Houston community that is signifiant to so many children, teen and adults. As a non-profit arts and educational organization,  we rely on individual and corporate contributions to maintain our dance company and center! Please help us today!

By becoming a “Friend of METdance”, you help ensure that we continue the growth of our studio into a recognized center for dance, teaching students of all ages. We will continue to bring exciting programs featuring a diverse array of high quality dancers, choreographers and educational outreach programs that continue to introduce thousands of public school children every year! Your contribution can help a child take class, a MET too youth Company member further their training, support a professional dancer, underwrite choreography or sponsor a performance. Please click below and donate today!

  • Platinum Member $5,000-9,999

  • Gold Member $2,500-4,999

  • Silver Member $1,000-2,499

  • Bronze Member $500-999

  • Patron $250-499

  • Donor $50-249

  • Sponsor $11 - $49

  • Want to mail a check? Please make it out to : Houston Metropolitan Dance Center Inc and mail to: METdance PO Box 980457 Houston, TX 77098

Donate now!

Buy your piece of the studio!

Through your donations, the MET's dream of a new studio has already become a reality!  But we still need assistance to stay in this wonderful new space!  From naming rights, to floors, mirrors and barres...put your name on it!  All Donors will be acknowledged in the new space.

The Houston Metropolitan Dance Center, Inc. is a Non-Profit Arts Organization under the IRS Determination Code 501(c)(3) and you will receive a formal acknowledgement of your contribution.

Friends of METdance

These are Foundation and Corporate Sponsors who have contributed to our Building, Community Outreach, Scholarship Program, and General Operations.

  • The Houston Endowment

  • Houston Arts Alliance

  • Texas Commission on the Arts

  • The Fondren Foundation

  • The Herzstein Foundation

  • ExxonMobil Foundation

  • Kinder Morgan

  • Knox Foundation

  • Meadows Foundation

  • Silver Eagle Distributors

  • Miller Theatre Advisory Board

  • E & G Amish Furniture

  • Balfour Beatty

  • Graves Mechanical

  • Harlequin Floors

  • JCS Furniture

  • Highrise Electrical

  • Karsten Interior

  • RM Services

  • Runaway Productions LLC

  • The Athlete Stop

  • BP Fabric of America

  • Bright Star

  • Conoco Phillips

  • El Paso Corporation

  • Greater Houston Community Foundation

  • Houston Downtown Alliance

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • KPMG

  • Koala Health Care 

  • Lincoln Finical

  • Merk

  • Murphy Oil

  • Randalls

  • Reliant NRG

  • River Oaks Bank

  • Safeway

  • Shell Oil

  • Spectrum Energy

  • Spectrum Painting

  • Spencer’s Steakhouse

  • Speedy Printing

  • Waste Management

Individual Donors

Gold Level $2,500 – $4,999+
Bob Albrecht, Robert Boblitt, Jennifer & Tony Bohnert, The Jones Family,  E & G Amish Furniture, Kevin Fulton, The Galatas Family, Cecilia & Lawrence Morris, The Perugini Family, Patrick Stanley, Anne Sears, Anne & Harry Skupin, Adam Walker, Walker Family, Linda & Stephen Walsh

Silver Level $1,000 – $2,499
Anne Aziz, Cheryl & Bob Boblitt, Traci Bocock, Amber Burks, Cagle Family, Shirley Colona, Cominsky Family, Cecil C. Conner & David Groover, Karla Darden, Frances and Anthony DeGregorio, Mary Dervay, Bobbie & Earl Doyle, Kathryn Espana, Jennifer Gadd-Edwards, Susan Figeac, Doris Karel, Kronick Family, Melanie & Larry Margolis, Rebecca & Matt Marcontell, Nunn Family, Judy Nyquist, Brian Royo, Cindy& Scott Truby, Susan & David Tschopp, Christine Wallet

Bronze Level $500 – $999
Kate Adams, Michele Beffer, Boatner Family, Karen Bradshaw, Melanie Breedlove, Al Collins, Ronnye Cowell,  Carol, Robert & Sarah DeNeefe, Maria Gomez, Michaael & Hillary Grippaldi, Melanie & Therron Dutton Lewis, Paul Landen, Merrick Mainster, Meredith & Ryan Maierson, Manzo Family, George McLendon, Janis Mecklenburg, Martin Pepper, Hamid Dean Rafai, Tidwell Family, Tiffany Tyler- Kuffner,  Marcella & Emma Wilson, Winter Family, Bernadette Wolff

Patron Level $250 – $499
Marcela Arroyave, Robin & Sage Boliver-Carr, Martha Bourke, Deborah Brochstein, Teri & Dave Cano, Steven Derry, Katie and Michael Dearman, Bryan Dougherty, Ellen Efsic, Deborah Fainstein, William & Junko Harada,  Lakeya Johnson, David Lake, Paul Landen, Tom Lin, Susan Walsh Lowell, Jenn Mabus, Kristen Thomas Martin, Melanie & Marcus Manning, Lucinda Medlenka, Michelle & Nicole Mutt, Harry Patton, Lindsay Pearce, Robert Schamus, Dr. Rachel Winer

Donor Level $50 – $249
Stacey Abella, Cherie Angelini, Claire Auchter, Bejarano Family, Catalina Beltran, Carol Bernshausen,  Rachelle Boyd, Ken & Kristi Breaux, Cecilia Brion, Sterling Burdine, Crystal Cairrel, Doug Carr, Elvira Cauthen,  Sue Carrier, Marck Chambers, Alicia Church, Autumn Clack, Sarah Coll, Mysha & Marcy Corb, Ronnye Crowell, Ann Deblanc, Melissa Dennis, Eric Dunahoe, Michelle Dugan, Eric Dunahoe, C. Michelle Durbin, Farrell Dyde, Joshua Eagle, Beth Euscher, Tracy Evans, Willie Mae Evans, Adonna Flenoy, Rebecca French, Erin Fox, Lara Frazier, John Foster, Elizabeth Galatas, Jan Gardner, Pat & Vic Gayle, Isabelle George, Jill Gray, Judy Grosso, Hal Hawkins,  Hayward Family Trust, Byronne Hearn, Gabriela Heriques, Patty Hernandez, Diana Hua, Hughes Orthodontics, IMEE,  Mark Johnson, Ann Jones, Max Jones, David Kahne, Mariana Kalu, Diane Kaplan, Rosanne Kaplan, Brian Kelly, Jennifer King, Tom King, Vanessa King, Laura Klien- Weiner, Michael Klaveness, Dr & Mrs. Laborde, Grisel Lagunas, George Lancaster, Bart Larocca, Renee Lauland, Nicole Leppert, Judith Martello, Samara Martinez, Darlene & Melanie Mays, Kate McCarty, Kelly McCreery, Terrill Mitchell, Nicole Murphy, Adrienne Murry, Aidee Neaumann, Stanley Oldham, Kathy Parven, Lindsay Pearce, Kim & Carol Pierce, Melissa Pierson, Barbara & Cliffford Quinn, Ian Rosenberg, Nancy & Robert Saumsiegle, Jill Satterwhite, E. Schmidt, Karen Scott, Judy Sederholm, Debra Shade, Maxine Silberstein, Douglas Skopp, Helene Snyder, Katie Thibodeaux,  Kristin Thomas- Martin, Susie Tommaney, Ronel Treuting,  Jane Vaselenak, Karen Vaughn, Jon Weaver, Todd Welbes, Don Winters, Barbara Williamson, Maria & Deborah Wooding 

Junior Patrons/Sponsors $11 – $49
Beverly Abbott, Brittany Agbon, Gilma Alarcon, Kelli Anderson, Ketti Awad, Melissa Beaudion, Doug Berry, Adriana Calais-Remaker, Joie Chandler, Natalie Seifert- Chapa,  Ashley Cook, Jennifer Cronin, Tenley Dorrill, Gina Dooley, Laura Dennett, Nancy Dufek, Julie Fronsinos, Justice & Natanya Fulton, Jackie & Alyssa Hawkins, Kaitlyn Hunt, Rosanne Kaplan, Douachee Kue, Ellie Johnson,  Miatta Lebile,  Airin Lehmann, Longoria, Tinsley Maier, Niuce Martines, Audrey Mills,  Lauren Mitchell, Taylor Mitchell, Blake Orsini, Anne Pavlick, Gerry Retezlaff, Lydia Rivera, Carly Ross, Natalie Seifert- Chapa, Amy Smith, Brenda Smith, Amy Stine, Cynthia & Grace, Vincent, Jennifer Taylor, Michele Tihami, Jocelyn Thomas,  Kelly Ann Vitacca, Maria Young, Phyllis Zendejas