What will you Support in 2019?


What will you Support in 2019?

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Our Supporters

Our Supporters

GIVING PERKS for being a donor of METdance!

In appreciation and recognition and our way of saying THANK YOU for your financial support!

METfriend $250- $499
An annual subscriptions to METdance News, exclusive member discount on METdance merchandise ($5 off each $50 spent, no limit) and a full year listing in METdance's Season Program. 

METadvocate $500- $999
All the benefits of METfriend plus, an advance notice of select programs and events and an invitations to all METdance special events

METlegacy $1000-$2,499
All the benefits of METadvocate plus an invitation to two private rehearsals at METdance Center. 

METvisionary $2,500-$4,999
All the benefits of METlegacy Advocate plus, an invitations to dress rehearsal and priority ticketing

 METangel $5,000-$10,000+
All the benefits of METvisionary plus an annual subscriptions to METdance Performances and a Private Dinner with Professional Company


Individual Donors levels

METvisionary $2,500 – $4,999+
Bob Albrecht, Robert Boblitt, Jennifer & Tony Bohnert, Brian & Shirley Colona, The Jones Family,  E & G Amish Furniture, Kevin Fulton, The Galatas Family, Cecilia & Lawrence Morris, The Perugini Family, Patrick Stanley, Anne Sears, Anne & Harry Skupin, Adam Walker, Walker Family, Linda & Stephen Walsh

METlegacy $1,000 – $2,499
Anne Aziz, April Baggett, Cindy & Bob Boblitt, Traci Bocock, Amber Burks, The Cagle Family, The Cominsky Family, Cecil C. Conner & David Groover, Karla Darden, Frances & Anthony DeGregorio, Mary Dervay, Bobbie & Earl Doyle, Kathryn Espana, Jennifer Gadd-Edwards, Susan Figeac, Doris Karel, The Kronick Family, Melanie & Larry Margolis, Rebecca & Matt Marcontell, The Nunn Family, Judy Nyquist, Brian Royo, Cindy & Scott Truby, Remington and Sarah Tonar, Susan & David Tschopp, Christine Wallet

METadvocate $500 – $999
Kate Adams, Michele Beffer, Boatner Family, Karen Bradshaw, Melanie Breedlove, Al Collins, Ronnye Cowell,  Carol, Robert & Sarah DeNeefe, Maria Gomez, Michaael & Hillary Grippaldi, Melanie & Therron Dutton Lewis, Paul Landen, Merrick Mainster, Meredith & Ryan Maierson, The Manzo Family, George McLendon, Janis Mecklenburg, Martin Pepper, Hamid Dean Rafai, The Tidwell Family, Tiffany Tyler- Kuffner,  Marcella & Emma Wilson, The Winter Family, Bernadette Wolff

METfriend $250 – $499
Marcela Arroyave, Robin & Sage Boliver-Carr, Martha Bourke, Deborah Brochstein, Teri & Dave Cano, Steven Derry, Katie & Michael Dearman, Bryan Dougherty, Ellen Efsic, Deborah Fainstein, William & Junko Harada,  Lakeya Johnson, David Lake, Paul Landen, Tom Lin, Susan Walsh Lowell, Jenn Mabus, Kristen Thomas Martin, Melanie & Marcus Manning, Lucinda Medlenka, Michelle & Nicole Mutt, Harry Patton, Lindsay Pearce, Robert Schamus, Dr. Rachel Winer



These are Foundation and Corporate Sponsors who have contributed to our Building, Community Outreach, Scholarship Program, and General Operations.

  • The Houston Endowment

  • Houston Arts Alliance

  • Texas Commission on the Arts

  • The Fondren Foundation

  • The Herzstein Foundation

  • ExxonMobil Foundation

  • Kinder Morgan

  • Knox Foundation

  • Meadows Foundation

  • Silver Eagle Distributors

  • Miller Theatre Advisory Board

  • E & G Amish Furniture

  • Balfour Beatty

  • Graves Mechanical

  • Harlequin Floors

  • JCS Furniture

  • Highrise Electrical

  • Karsten Interior

  • RM Services

  • Runaway Productions LLC

  • The Athlete Stop

  • BP Fabric of America

  • Bright Star

  • Conoco Phillips

  • El Paso Corporation

  • Greater Houston Community Foundation

  • Houston Downtown Alliance

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • KPMG

  • Koala Health Care 

  • Lincoln Finical

  • Merk

  • Murphy Oil

  • Randalls

  • Reliant NRG

  • River Oaks Bank

  • Safeway

  • Shell Oil

  • Spectrum Energy

  • Spectrum Painting

  • Spencer’s Steakhouse

  • Speedy Printing

  • Waste Management